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Bending Book

Limited Print and Online Book, 2018

Bending is a book created by myself and fellow Brown student Shannon Kingsley as part of our 2018 summer research fellowship under the National Science Foundation.

We were tasked with creating a visual platform to inform the Rhode Island public about the impacts of climate change, specifically upon salt marsh habitats. We worked in conjunction with the Brown University Herbarium and the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, and we compiled visuals and research through visiting the field, cross-referencing herbarium records, and using cutting-edge imaging technology both at local salt marshes and in the lab using collected samples.

The book is written in a narrative manner, following our discoveries throughout the summer to ultimately educate readers on herbaria, salt marsh ecosystems, and natural history. We produced all the visuals in the book, including DSLR photographs, drone photography, macropod images, cyanotypes, diagrams, and illustrations. Shannon focused on writing while I took the lead on design.

The following are sample spreads from the book, which can be viewed in full here.